Proud to offer following services to our customers.

Lighting System

‘Lighting’ is more than just providing “lighting” for the performance, a suitable and fascinated lighting design can be the finishing touch at an important moment, making people engrave; delightful. With advanced equipment; perfect planning; solid experience and thoroughgoing operation, we dedicatedly create every important moment for customers performance!

Sound System

‘Sound’ is the infrastructure of a performance. Apart from quality, it must be reliable. We employ famous international brands, led by experienced technical staff to provide customers with indoor and outdoor broadcasting systems; partition broadcasting systems; engineering installation and general meetings, drama performances; concerts and other audio equipment as well as technical support required.

Rigging System

Even small-scale performance will touch suspension works. In addition to being a highly sophisticated performance project, the suspension project itself is also the first level of the most advanced stage of performance engineering. To us, top priority is overall safety and smoothness. Through selection of TÜV-certified aluminum alloy racks and production manufacturers with a history of more than half a century in manufacturing hanging machine, combining experienced personnel with meticulous professionalism, we intend to create a good start for the performance, a good start is half of success.

Visual System

Today almost all performance projects will use video effects, such as LED walls, laser projectors, media servers, etc., however these are relatively expensive equipment which will consume limited production resources to a great extent. While we are not only pursuing the most advanced equipment, we strive to focus on improving the cost-effectiveness of customers through flexible equipment selection, coupled with innovative system configuration and detailed construction arrangements to allow customers to present their ideas as they like.

About Us

Top One Design Engineering Company Limited is a focus on design and engineering company providing diversified services.

We are depending on the requirements for products to improve customers responsibility, was so different from other companies, that we have a heart, go for the guests to complete their dreams, and we have to design for many large and small companies in different lighting, sound and video installation works, and has been praised by customers with trust our step by step towards success.



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